DLPR Named Top Specialty Financial PR Firm by Observer – December 13, 2017

Posted in on - December 13, 2017

For the second straight year DLPR was named one of the best financial PR agencies.

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Posted in on - September 12, 2017

JUNE 12, 2017
Street Signs

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Richard Dukas shares some thoughts on how strong brands can motivate employees

Posted in on - September 11, 2017

Not all publicity is good publicity after all — in fact, bad publicity can hurt a company’s chances of hiring the best employees.

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President Seth Linden on Wharton Business Radio’s “Leadership In Action”

Posted in on - September 7, 2017

Dukas Linden Public Relations president Seth Linden appeared on Wharton Business Radio’s “Leadership in Action” show on SiriusXM Channel 111, to discuss his thoughts on leadership both individually and as he advises clients to effectively manage their communications strategies.”  

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DLPR Helps $5B Asset Manager Rebrand

Posted in on - August 23, 2017

In Texas, a $5B Shop Crosses Off One Brand For Another A thirty-year-old asset manager in the Lone Star State is rebranding. Michael Kern, CEO, Crossmark Global Investments Yesterday, Capstone Financial Services president and CEO Mike Kern confirmed that the Houston, Texas-based shop is changing its name to Crossmark Global Investments. The firm, which advises the Steward Funds series of mutual funds,…

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Here’s how the (NY) Observer recently described DLPR:

Posted in on - August 14, 2017

“Powerhouse agency which gets its clients regular airtime on Bloomberg, CNBC and Fox Business Network; it also has cachet…”

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Richard Dukas Discusses Trends in Financial PR

Posted in on - May 15, 2017

Finance Firms Navigate New Regulations   In a low interest rate environment, cheaper index funds will tend to outperform active managers. Markets don’t go up forever, but active managers will need to work harder to convince the investing public of the value they offer despite their steeper costs, and alternative managers will need to do…

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Dukas Linden and OTC Markets Team Up to Host Webinar

Posted in on - May 1, 2017

Putting the Power of PR Behind Your IR Message Webinar   Registration only takes a few seconds! You will NOT be spammed.

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Richard Dukas Offers Counsel to the California Alternatives Industry

Posted in on - February 27, 2017

For too long the alternative investment industry’s approach to public relations and communications has essentially been two words: “No Comment.”

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Seth Linden Appears Live on BNN to Discuss PR Strategy for Companies as the Trump Era Begins

Posted in on - January 13, 2017

Our president, Seth Linden, appeared on “Business Day AM” to discuss the importance of business leaders having a contingency plan in place in case their organization is attacked on social media.

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Richard Dukas Comments on Trump’s Market Influence through Social Media

Posted in on - January 13, 2017

President-elect Donald Trump slammed pharmaceutical companies during his highly-anticipated press conference Wednesday, sending shares in companies such as the Netherland’s Nordiq tumbling by as much as five percent, the latest display of the billionaire business tycoon-turned-politicians’ unprecedented effect on the market.

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Post Proxy Fight, Activist Investors Still Need To Communicate Their Long-Term Value

Posted in on - January 3, 2017

Activist investors just wrapped up another record year shaking up companies across the globe. But as anyone in professional sports will tell you, with success comes the spotlight, and criticism of activist investors has ratcheted up and begun creeping into the mainstream.

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Richard Dukas Comments on Investor Sentiment in Aftermath of Trump Victory

Posted in on - November 9, 2016

Trump Win Unlikely to Stop Momentum Behind DOL Rule   Trump took the election after standing only a 15% chance of winning against Clinton, an election forecast by The New York Times showed, as of Tuesday morning. That day, PIMCO’s head of public policy Libby Cantrill also pegged Clinton’s win at a 70 to 75% likelihood, Cantrill…

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DLPR & MHP Pre-Election Survey Results Featured

Posted in on - November 4, 2016

Global institutional investors are worried that anti-trade movements around the world will hurt international investment prospects, says a survey of 70 institutional investment leaders released Friday.

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DLPR & MHP Pre-Election Survey on Investment Sentiment

Posted in on - November 3, 2016

A survey conducted by Dukas Linden Public Relations, a leading financial services PR firm based in New York, and MHP Communications, of global institutional investors found an optimistic outlook for 2017 that is being somewhat tempered by the global swell of populist sentiment and political uncertainty that could pose a risk to future growth.

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DLPR Policies on Politics in the Office Featured

Posted in on - October 12, 2016

The contentiousness of this presidential campaign is spilling into some workplaces. Rather than try to control what people are saying, owners should focus on whether the work is getting done in an atmosphere that isn’t hostile.

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Richard Dukas Provides a Crisis Communications Strategy for Wells Fargo

Posted in on - September 30, 2016

The scandal resulting from Wells Fargo employees setting up millions of fake accounts could have a residual effect on the rest of the financial sector’s reputation. It should enact a complete culture change in response, say financial communications experts.

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Seth Linden Appears Live on CNBC to Discuss the Power of PR for Financial Firms

Posted in on - August 31, 2016

Our president, Seth Linden, appeared on “Street Signs” to discuss how public relations firms help organizations devise effective communications strategies in times of distress.

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The Bloomberg Advantage: Seth Linden on Business Communications

Posted in on - August 1, 2016

Our president, Seth Linden, was a featured guest on “Bloomberg Advantage” with co-host, Oliver Renick.

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MHP Adds to Global Operations with Dukas Linden Partnership and German Base

Posted in on - July 12, 2016

London-headquartered agency MHP has announced a new strategic partnership with New-York based Dukas Linden Public Relations (DLPR), and a new office in Germany.

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